Where do we come from?

We were founded in the Ruhr in 1991 and therefore have deep roots in Germany's industrial culture: HAPU Industrievertretungen GmbH is a seasoned expert when it comes to the topic of screw materials. Extensive warehousing and optimal logistics characterise the company – which is now based in Essingen in Germany's Swabia region – just like its total reliability as a supplier of top quality goods and services.

HAPU, the successful steel and screw specialist, is part of the GABO STAHL Group and offers its customers lots of experience as well as top purchasing conditions, and it is always nearby throughout Europe.

What makes us unique?

Our goal is to always meet all customer demands, which is why our delivery program includes special steels for the most diverse applications according to grades and strength properties. We see ourselves as a service provider between producers and processors in the steel trade. Thanks to the close cooperation with our customers, we ensure that all products meet the requirements of current rules and regulations. We will assume procurement-related services and, thanks to our reliable logistics, ensure a continuous supply of materials. Competent and safe: HAPU – for all applications!